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Whether it is YOGA or ZERO or DECIMAL NUMBER SYSTEM, India receives the credit of bringing many new things into existence. Vedic Maths is one of such major contributions of India to the contemporary world. VM is a weapon to strengthen the foundation of mathematics in young children. It is an undeniable fact that Vedic Maths provides an easy and logical approach to learn mathematics and can be a cure for math-anxiety in majority of kids. The methods of VM are not coincidental; rather they are empirically proven and infallible. VM has got a tag "made in India" and we Indians are denigrating it like a useless heap of dirt. While researching on VM, it is observed that there is a huge number of VM book authors  who are of non-Indian descent because Indians have turned their faces away from it after being convinced by some amateurs who themselves do not know much about VM. Traveller immigrants who come from Europe or America keep special sessions on such "products" of India namely YOGA and Vedic Maths as they find it quite intriguing and motivational.  


It is a common misconception that VM is a collection of shortcut tricks for faster calculations (as it is wrongly portrayed by amateurs). VM is a discipline like every other ones. Although, first official books on VM were published in the beginning of 20th century by famous Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha Ji Maharaj, it is still in its infancy and the reason behind this is- most of the educators believe that VM can be used for arithmetics only. Unaware of the  efficiency and versatility of VM, people believe that VM can not help students in other branches of maths. To make it clear, VM has got its applications in  Algebra, Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Number theory etc. 


Appeal to the learners


VM is an unexplored area and it requires our attention to flourish to its pinnacle. It might feel little disturbing to some conformists, but VM can be used to obtain revolutionary results too. It can be used to prove certain classical conjectures which are still unanswerable in conventional domains e.g. Fermat's last theorem, Collatz conjecture etc. You must be thinking What's so special in VM to explore. It can be easily understood with the help of an example. Before the invention of "i = sqrt (-1)", it was believed that equation x^2+1=0 had no solution because at that point of time, it was absolutely counterintuitive to imagine a number whose square is negative as we do not encounter any such number in our everyday life. We were taught that square of all real numbers (positive and negative) is always non-negative. Euler introduced symbol "i" for square root of minus 1 and obtained many results which are now helping mathematicians, physicists and engineers in their areas. Imagine where would we, if we discarded Euler's idea. Today, we all know that many complex problems in mathematics, physics or engineering are solved easily with the help of complex numbers. In nutshell, we must not underestimate anything just because it is not stereotypical or unconventional. VM can give us many fruitful consequences in future if we explore it to the fullest. It is my humble appeal not from the people of India but from across the world to collaborate and help Vedic Maths bloom and serve its purpose.