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About Q Algorithm


Q Algorithm is an initiative to pump up the curiosity quotient among learners. Learning, in simplest terms, is a response if curiosity is considered a stimulus. Highly inquisitive people not only tend to learn new things but try to explore easier ways to accomplish them. Our motive, in general, is to catalyse the process of learning with the aid of modern technologies and easy to understand methods. We inspire our students to explore the hidden facts in buried past. Q Algorithm focuses on appropriate mindset for problem solving rather than just teaching. Our students have succeeded in cracking many exams viz. IITJEE, SAT, GRE, NTSE,  IPM, NDA, SSC, KVPY, Olympiads etc. We look forward to framing the future of our posterity and place them in their desired places. Q Algorithm has tie-ups with many reputed schools for a number of courses e.g. Vedic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics for advanced competitive examinations.


Q Algorithm was started in 2012 with the seeds of futuristic ideas to change the contemporary learning methods where students were forced to believe facts without questioning. During its infancy, Q Algorithm was a hub which started collaborating ancient tools with modern day methods e.g. the inclusion of Vedic Mathematics in standard curriculum structure for faster calculations in various time-bound competitive examinations. Our Vedic Mathematics program helped a lot of candidates in clearing exams like Bank PO, SSC etc. Today, we seek to associate with educational bodies to bring about unprecedented transformations in the education industry.

How Is Q Algorithm Different From Others?

Q Algorithm has a new methodology of teaching which comprises of four levels :
Level 0: Mostly theory delivering with simplest contextual questions.
Level 1: Concept building with applications.
Level 2: Numerical techniques to solve higher level questions.
Level 3: Advanced multi-topic questions with an approach to simplify them.


Core Values Of Q Algorithm

Q Algorithm has "Q" in its name which bears following implications:
QUIRKY APPROACH  makes learning interesting. Putting up dead facts in a  conventional approach can be boring on many occasions and can be an impediment to learning in children who love to explore.
QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE explanations grab attention easily. For example, stating the fact that an apple attracts the earth with exactly the same force as the earth attracts an apple.
QUANTUM OF KNOWLEDGE is measured in terms of what fraction of your learning is completely grasped by your mind. It is simply the ratio of how much you retain to how much you learn.
QUOTIENT OF Q(CU)RIOSITY  is directly proportional to Quotient of Intelligence or simply stated highly curious people are highly intelligent.  
QUEST FOR FACT is what we inspire our students to pursue. Dont just fit in fact ; rather fit the fact in you.


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